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We’ve created the world’s most sophisticated OT solution, designed to detect cyber-attacks before they impact your operation, no matter where it’s located.

Complete visibility
Advanced threat detection
Detect, learn, respond at speed of threat
24/7/365 vigilance
AI and machine learning


We operate across all major industries, both public and private.

ResourcesOil. Gas. Energy. Coal. Water. Metals. Mineral Sands/Rare Earth.
ManufacturingMetals. Machinery. Electronics. Materials. Processing. Chemicals.
InfrastructurePorts. Rail. Airports. Traffic Control. Maritime. Defence Systems.
UtilitiesPower. Gas. Water. Wastewater Treatment. Telecommunications.
ServicesGovernment. Airlines. Financial Services. Gaming. Legal. Insurance. Healthcare.


The latest white papers, articles and information for owners and operators of critical industrial assets.

ArticlesCryptomining in ICS

Cybercriminals are capitalising on the rise of crypto mining, and the integration of industrial technology with the internet.

ArticlesHoneypot technology

There is a growing importance placed on detection technologies in both threat research and damage mitigation. In every war, intelligence is of the utmost importance for deployment of resources and exploitation of an adversary.

ArticlesCybersecurity principles for industrial environments

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have traditionally been isolated from a company’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. This inherent isolation essentially created an ‘air gap’ between the ICS and IT environments.