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Case StudyCase Study – Protecting Operations for a Major Oil and Gas Client

In this case study, we look at the operational challenges which Vulnerability Management in an OT environment presents and examine how the Sapien Cyber Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) solves these problems for a major Oil and Gas explorer, provider and supplier.

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BrochuresThe next evolution of cybersecurity for corporate networks is here

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and more creative in architecting attacks. Today’s integrated technology ecosystems not only allows IT networks to be used to mount attacks on OT networks, but insecure OT devices can now also provide a pathway back into corporate IT systems. Sapien’s solution accounts for the complex and ever-changing threat landscape, using advanced […]

BrochuresThe most sophisticated industrial cybersecurity in the world.

Threats to critical infrastructure are now so advanced that they require an industrial cybersecurity solution that combines advanced technologies, machine learning and human intelligence to protect networks against the complex range of attack scenarios they are vulnerable to. Sapien has developed a solution that changes the cybersecurity landscape forever.

ArticlesCryptomining in ICS

Cybercriminals are capitalising on the rise of crypto mining, and the integration of industrial technology with the internet.

ArticlesHoneypot technology

There is a growing importance placed on detection technologies in both threat research and damage mitigation. In every war, intelligence is of the utmost importance for deployment of resources and exploitation of an adversary.

ArticlesCybersecurity principles for industrial environments

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have traditionally been isolated from a company’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. This inherent isolation essentially created an ‘air gap’ between the ICS and IT environments.

White PapersCyber defence for critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is now under constant threat from cyber adversaries seeking to exploit vulnerable systems and networks to achieve their objectives.

ArticlesA look at the Triton attack

The Triton attack caused the entire operation to shut down and is one of the many examples in recent years of malicious software designed specifically to target industrial equipment.

ArticlesThe strategic value of Australian Universities to cyber criminals and nation state actors

The cybersecurity practices of Australian universities are in the spotlight after the recent significant breach of Australian National University’s (ANU) IT systems.

ArticlesThreats to our critical assets are real: just how vulnerable are we and what should we be doing?

In 2016, a water treatment plant in the US was the victim of a sophisticated and methodical attack, where cyber criminals remotely took control over the treatment process and threatened to poison households.

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