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Our Secure Operating Centre (SOC) comprises a team of cyber security and industry system experienced practitioners that provides your enterprise with continuous network visibility and contextualised actionable alerts to rapidly detect, investigate and resolve threats across your entire system.

Our technology assesses your current risk profile to reveal vulnerabilities in your network, prioritises these risks, and makes mitigation recommendations to reduce your attack surface.

The SOC underpins Sapien’s capability to detect and monitor security incidents in Operational Technology environments. The SOC is unique in that it is specialised for OT environments.

The Sapien SOC accomplishes detection and notification through its innovative platform to track and manage incident response activity, consolidating agency-wide coordination and communication. The SOC works together with the Sapien Cyber Incident Response team to identify and address threats and incidents that may affect critical control systems.

The SOC provides security services for the OT environment in addition to the detection and monitoring of security incidents. These services include:

  • Network flow monitoring.
  • Log aggregation, correlation and analysis.
  • Vulnerability detection and management.
  • Threat intel, threat management and tracking.
  • Incident coordination, response and management.
  • Malware analysis, reverse engineering and APT defence.
  • Identification of cyber threats and support of prosecution.