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Real world cybersecurity training

A team of world-leading experts ensuring your critical personnel are properly prepared for tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Sapien’s training program for operational workforce development and competence utilises a state of the art platform configured to emulate real world attack scenarios.

This allows analysts, operators, engineers and team leads to apply their skills against simulated scenarios that mimic actual attacks encountered within IT and OT networks.

The training comprises a simulated network environment with actual data packet transfers that mimic an operating plant. This allows Sapien to apply its library of attack scenarios to actual data transfer that can be deconstructed and reverse engineered by personnel under training.

Sapien’s provides a hands-on approach to deal with real world scenarios presented in an actual Security Analysis System.

The scenarios are categorised by complexity and consequence so the required competencies can be achieved.

The training includes professional and advanced penetration techniques found at the various stages of a kill chain. The platform then allows network mapping, intelligence gathering, event enumeration and exploits deconstruction by the student to teach defence tactics.

This includes the interpretation of anomalous activity and the application of unique tactics, tools and techniques for network forensic analysis.