powered by world-leading cybersecurity research team

Developed by the world’s foremost cybersecurity team

Sapien has created the world’s most sophisticated purpose-built cyber security solution, designed to detect cyber-attacks before they impact your operation, no matter where it is located.

Our solution offers unprecedented visibility across your enterprise network and a more effective way to prepare for and defend against these types of attacks.

Powered by the internationally recognised cybersecurity team at Edith Cowan University, Sapien provides a system of systems approach to cybersecurity. Our sophisticated system meshes advanced cybersecurity technologies, advanced malware detection, machine learning and artificial intelligence to rapidly detect anomalies and cyber- attacks in your network traffic.

Sapien’s technology allows clients to establish their existing security posture before developing an effective long-term strategy for asset protection, system health checks and hygiene actions.

Through the use of its passive systems analysis technology we provide an unparalleled level of vulnerability identification, risk classification and solution advice to threats and attacks.

All traffic is monitored in real-time to identify any anomalies, ascertain exactly what they are, whether they pose a threat or not, where they came from and how they got there, so you can take immediate and effective action.

Sapien’s secure customer portal provides unprecedented visibility over all your operations and devices through an intuitive and easy to use dashboard interface.

Critically, customer specific data does not leave the site – only encrypted dashboard data is utilised within the portal.